Full service pooling of plastic containers, bins and pallets

Smart Carriers offers tailor-made rental solutions with bag-in-box containers, plastic pallets and crates for the shipping and storage of food and non-food products.

For optimal goods flow-management, this is provided by Smart Carriers’ ‘track & trace’ system. This system gives you all the tools you need to monitor, control and manage the pool. It gives a clear picture of your flows of goods, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs and better customer relations.

The benefits:

  • No investment in storage systems
  • Transport, storage, cleaning and repair of the load-carriers
  • Real-time inspection of load carrier locations
  • Nationwide logistics services in an international network
  • User-specific automated web-based tracking & tracing system

Our products:

COMBO bag-in-box containers, plastic pallet boxes, plastic pallets, folding pallet containers, shipping crates, stacking crates.